Aims & Objectives

With the motto ‟Knowledge and Virtue” Phukan Memorial College acts as per the principle set its founders to provide quality and affordable education to all section of the people especially to the underprivileged students who could not afford higher and quality education elsewhere.

With the above mention vision the objectives of the college are :-
  1. The college shall endeavour to impart higher education amongst the youth of rural areas of Dalu and its adjoining areas. Best efforts will be put to distribute sweet test of quality education through educational activities amongst the sleeping masses.
  2. To inculcate sense of self –reliability and responsibility amongst the youth.
  3. To endeavour to educate the youth of this part of the country and bring them on par with national main streams.
  4. To create congenial atmosphere amongst the youth for the pursuit of Higher Education.
  5. To guide and help character building and National building by the youth of today.
  6. To provide vocational training to the educated unemployed youth.
  7. To transform and promote all round development of the young minds through moral and ethical values of education.